• Introduction to Audio Mixing

    It is said that prime function or responsibility of a mixing engineer is to help deliver the emotional context of a musical piece. The mix is dependent on the music, and mixing is not just…

  • Vocal Booth

    Your audio track sound is very much dependent on the recording space you use. The issues concerning the physical space that we work in, dividing them into three basic topics: isolation, frequency response, and ambient…

  • Audio Mastering Tools

    Why Mastering? A mastering session involves working with the final mix or mixes that, in combination, form the complete audio program for any particular project. Th e goal of mastering is to create the best…

Flawless Audio Recording Setup needs powder full computer running appropriate programs on recommended OS configured properly. Properly configured computer with enough processing power and storage ensures hassle-free audio tracking, mixing and mastering process. Audio Recording Computer and Perpherals  

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