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Your audio track sound is very much dependent on the recording space you use. The issues concerning the physical space that we work in, dividing them into three basic topics: isolation, frequency response, and ambient characteristics.  

The things to consider are isolation from outside noise leaking in, and isolation of inside noise leaking out. The rule is that isolation is created by a combination of mass and density. That is to say, the way sound leakage is prevented is with sufficient mass that is sufficiently dense. Isolation does influence the sound in the room. 

Th e frequency response of a room refers to the way different frequencies, from low to high, respond to the absorptive and reflective qualities of room surfaces. Generally, a room with relatively even frequency response across the spectrum is desirable, and this can be achieved by controlling the absorption and reflection of sound in the room. Opposing parallel walls create standing waves by reflecting the sound back into its own original path. Standing waves also amplify certain frequencies and disrupt an even frequency response. 

The ambient characteristics of a room refer to the quality and length of the delays created when sound is produced in the room. Reverberation is the audio term used to describe these characteristics. It is the reflections of sound off all of the various surfaces in a space, returning with varying degrees of intensity and delay to the listener, which create reverberation.

Above are the challenges. However, unlike big studios home recording setup – mostly your bedroom studio – will have limitation to get this sorted out. For many home recording environments, there is no difference between the recording room and the control room—that is, they are the same room. This can be a workable recording situation, but it does challenge the acoustic priorities of the two functions—recording and listening. To help such setups, smaller versions of sound controlled booths are available from some vendors which ensures controlled small chambers that ensures professional sounding audio spaces. On a smaller scale, several acoustic screens are available to increase the audio quality eliminating leaked sound and reflections. 


WhisperRoom, Inc.™ offers 26 sizes of iso booth models and two levels of sound isolation with basic and optional features, each affordably priced: a Standard (single-wall) and an Enhanced (double-wall). 

For applications that do not require ventilation, we also offer SNV and ENV models, Standard and Enhanced models that are configured for – but do not include – ventilation.  Since 1990,  WhisperRoom, Inc.™ has manufactured and shipped Sound Isolation Enclosures across the world to major TV networks and recording studios, educational institutions, federal and state governments, medical labs, musicians, and individuals for a myriad of applications. Our sound isolation booths significantly reduce ambient and acoustic noise and can be used as vocal booths for recording music, voice over or translations, as a broadcast booth, musical instrument practice booth, as a medical or audiology testing lab, and much more.  



Take your home studio to the next level with a VocalBooth. Whether you're looking for a controlled recording environment or simply hoping to keep you neighbours happy, a VocalBooth is an ideal solution. Modular by design, a VocalBooth provides you with a proper recording space just like a professional recording studio. Offering three levels of isolation in sizes ranging from 4' x 4' to 16' x 16', as well as four diamond shaped rooms. Recommended Home Recording VocalBooths A 4' x 6' Gold Series or a 5 Carat Diamond Gold Series is a great addition for your home studio. Most commonly used is the Gold Series in home recording studios, but from time to time greater isolation is needed and the Platinum Series is recommended. Each provide enough room to be comfortable and accommodate most instruments. 



ClearSonic MegaPacs and IsoPacs are portable isolation booth packages that come in a wide variety of sizes. Booth size dimensions are estimates only. Booth foot-prints are somewhat elastic.  They can be stretched or compressed in width and depth dimensions as needed. If necessary, a package can be modified to fit your specific needs. Contact us for details on custom orders. 

Note that acrylic ClearSonic Panels (CSP) work great as reflective sound barriers but do not absorb sound, whereas SORBER is very efficient at absorbing sound but is not a great barrier. Therefore, our most effective isolation booths use CSP all the way around the perimeter and include as much SORBER as possible.  

Adding Height Extenders to the rear CSP greatly reduces the size of the open area in the back where sound can escape. Because they include 360 degrees of CSP, MegaPacs and similar booths will reduce sound levels up to 70% while systems using only SORBER in the back will reduce sound levels around 50%.

FlexiBooth - Instant Vocal Booth

The FlexiBooth is a full size 24″ x 48″ (609 x 1219 x 101mm) wall-mounted acoustic cupboard that opens up to surround the vocal talent and create a dry ‘voice-over’ zone. The innovative design separates and attenuates room ambiance from the voice recording, which then allows the engineer to add echo or reverb and equalize the voice to best suit the performance in post production.

From the outside, the FlexiBooth looks like a typical cupboard. It features an attractive black melamine finish that is easy to clean. Inside, ultra high performance 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool panels effectively absorb sound throughout the voice range. The acoustic panels are 100% encapsulated with micromesh and are covered in a tough yet attractive acoustically transparent fabric to enhance the fit and finish. Because of the heavy construction, sound attenuation is excellent.

The FlexiBooth can also be used as a variable room ambiance controller. Those that have recorded in large professional studios will be familiar with the variable acoustic panels that are often used to tailor room acoustics. For instance, a brighter more ambient room is generally preferred with acoustic instruments while a darker ambiance is often preferred for voice, electric guitars and so on. By positioning several FlexiBooths around the room, one can easily create different acoustic environments by simply opening or closing the FlexiBooth doors.

The Primacoustic FlexiBooth provides a simple yet highly effective solution for vocal recording that can adapt to any room. The FlexiBooth ships flat and assembles in minutes using common household tools.

Auralex MAX-Wall

The MAX-Wall is a portable acoustical treatment system with excellent broadband absorption with and NRC of 1.05, comes in a variety of size options and offers three colors from which to choose. The patented, modular design allows adjustable panel height and a plethora of configurations. The interlocking MAX-Wall panels can create a gap-free enclosure. Each panel is 48″ wide by 20″ tall by 4″ thick and most MAX-Wall models are complete with MAX-Stands and MAX-Wall Clamps.


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