It is said that prime function or responsibility of a mixing engineer is to help deliver the emotional context of a musical piece. The mix is dependent on the music, and mixing is not just a set of technical challenges. The engineer often have a vision what the final product should be mostly formed based on the input from producer or artist. Hearing and listening with accuracy is fundamental to performing a good mix. Engineers can work towards enhancing the most important element and bringing out the best out of the recorded material once they are presented with sonically accurate information.

Choosing the equipment that allows you to hear or “monitor” your mix signal is not a task to be taken lightly, because it’s the window through which you’ll be viewing everything you do. A good pair of near field monitor is surely the starting point for setting the right mixing environment. Placing the monitor speakers in the correct way for the best listening position is vital to accuracy of audio a mixing engineer here.  A mixer depends on his monitoring conditions and methods more than just about any other parameter. If the monitors don’t work with the environment or if the mixer doesn’t interact well with the monitors, all the other tips and techniques are for naught.


An expensive set of high-fidelity monitors is pointless if deficiencies in room acoustics are not treated. Sound absorbing and diffusing material can set the quality of your listening space. Diffusers

scatter sound energy, including the low-frequency energy of standing waves. Absorbers soak up sound energy. In most mixing situations, we want all reflected frequencies to become inaudible.


The most basic element of a mix is balance. Good balance starts with good arrangement. It’s important to understand arrangement because so much of mixing is subtractive by nature. When two instruments that have essentially the same frequency band play at the same volume at the same time, the result is a fight for attention.


The type of program you’re mixing frequently affects where you build the mix from. However, there are some essential elements that make a mix sound they good and professional. 

They are:


Balance: the volume level relationship between musical instruments

Frequency range: Having all frequencies properly represented

Panorama: Placing a musical element in the sound field

Dimension: Adding ambience to a musical element

Dynamics: Controlling the volume envelope of a track or instrument

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